Civita Film Commission is a non-profit making association created to promote the image of Civitavecchia all over the world through audiovisual means. Its main objective is to promote the city and all the local area by attracting both Italian and foreign productions. At the same time it promotes the development of the cinematographic industry and creates new business opportunities.

It was officially founded in June 2007 and began in February 2008 thanks to the cooperation of the Civitavecchia Council Delegate of Culture and with the involvement of various institutions working in the world of cinema, culture, audiovisual and theatre: the local theatre “Traiano”, the Institute of Arts and the Civitavecchia Cultural Department.

The target is to provide services for cinema and audiovisual production with a development plan for the creation of permanent infrastructures and a continual presence on the territory, linked with local organisations, service businesses and local professionals. This should make working conditions more efficient for those choosing Northern Lazio as a set. Among many of the services offered by Civitafilm Commission we propose assistance in looking for locations, a photo library of the various types of location, files with the description and accessibility of places and a special price agreement with local hotels, restaurants, transport and insurance services. There is also a commitment to reduce all the taxes due to local organisations and the Cultural Department.

You can also find on the web site the following: information and data about geographical features, the climate, means of transport available, roads, hotels and travel agencies.