CivitaFilmCommission is at your disposal to accompany you and cooperate with you in order to resolve administrative problems and relations with institutions.

Anyone interested in touring Civitavecchia and its surrounding area, can use Civitafilm to them with all the useful information for locations, scouting, databanking, hospitality through special offers with hotels, access to local permits and authorization, a guide book of professionals and news about transport, equipment, catering and everything necessary for filming.

Civitaflm promotes the knowledge of its area from a point of view of “locations” and “facilites” with the goal of attracting and encouraging an ever-growing number of audio-visual productions. This way it hopes to create economic, tourist and cultural investments in its territory.

Besides all the necessities for “shooting”, Civitafilm is also creating a regional data bank of all the operators in the sector and is organising for the support, also via the press office for preview showings in the region and the organization of events, for sector Festivals and Markets in Italy and abroad, aimed at promoting products filmed in the regional area. The goals of the association include emphasising the highlights of the territory, increasing tourism, helping the young to enter the world of work and creating productions of cultural importance.

It is also a great opportunity to reclaim vast areas currently fallen into disuse and promote the sense of belonging in our territory. In the data base which Civitafilm has created you can find references to the human resources and technical support services available in our area.