Civitavecchia is a sunny seaside town with a mild climate and a wide range of hotels. The architectural styles are varied due to reconstruction after the second world war. It is possible to wander from Michelangelo’s Fort, a perfectly preserved military fort built in the 16th century to the modern tourist harbour Riva di Traiano and see many churches dating back to the papal period and numerous examples of industrial archaeology. The port has a distinctly modern appearance with its imposing buildings and many cruise ships docking every day. However, the interior still retains the charm of the original ancient Roman harbour with its fishing boats and important monuments such as the Vanvitelli fountain. Don’t miss the original Roman ruins of the Trajan or Taurine Baths and the natural hot spa Ficoncella. Civitavecchia offers charming internal and external locations and is perfect for hosting both television and cinema productions.

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